29 September 2010

After having a really great summer, I think it's finally time to start knuckling down and getting myself onto the animation wagon. I've been looking into a lot of routes, and think the best way to approach the metaphorical door in which I should get my foot into is to write to studios asking for work experience and also to bands and record labels asking if I can do a music video and to just draw, draw, draw.

Here are oodles of doodles (well seven) that I have been working on over the past couple of days.

The ideas for the scenarios came from a long lost sketch book from my first year of university in which, I made some of my friends tell me the first things that came into their crazy heads and I would draw them the best I could.

20 September 2010

Obligatory graduation photo.

It was so hard to keep track of everyone that day, so Emily photoshopped herself and Emma into the picture and Kyle is acting the 'hat throw' because he had already handed his cap and gown back to the uni. I think he did a good job. Hollywood here comes Kyle!