06 January 2012

Where on earth did 2011 go!? I think I've contracted the New Year blues, where gift giving, booze and merriment have been swapped for staying in and being bored because all outside has to offer is bear wind and fine rain and cold legs.

I've had a grand Christmas and received some wonderful presents including The Making of Fantastic Mr Fox, My Future Listography and an amazing surprise from my favourite Welsh butty - a book made up of photos from our Turkish adventure last summer including a day by day story of what we got up to! I also received a projector, One Flew Over the Cuckoos' Nest, Up, Harry Potter, the necessary Crimbo pjamas and slipper socks and of course my Second Hand Secret Santa surprise, which turned out to be a Jane Shilton handbag in a beautiful shade of grey!

I wear grey all the time, I think it's much nicer than boring old black so this bag is a perfect addition to my wardrobe! Thank you very much Lisa from Mathilde Heart Manech, it hasn't been off my shoulder since Boxing Day!

Dan and I spent New Years down in Cornwall and I had my first countdown to the New Year outside of the North West of England! It was an awesome night spent in Plymouth which started off in View 2 with an awesome band and tasty cocktails.


We shouldn't have left there because the rest of the night looked pretty much like this:

and I've had Rhianna's, We Found Love in a Hopeless Place in my head ever since, which is terrible news as I cannot stand the woman, but at 12:01am on 1st January after you've been cut short shouting Auld Land Syne at the top of your voice you just don't care what you're dancing (or singing along) to!