04 August 2011

Oh dear! What a neglected little blog this is! I swear I have lots of interesting updates: Working as a runner on Suicide Kids (which has recently changed its name to Demons Never Die), animation training at Chapman Entertainment Studios and also I've been making and selling personalised Bunting of all delightful things! There have a been a few screenings of my film Betty too!

I have been working as an Administration Assistant at HASHVCA since Feburary and my contract will be up on 19th August. This has been a great source of income even though it's only 30 hours a week on minimum wage, it's still gives me plenty enough money to invest in materials for my bunting (and to sneak off to lovely places like Turkey with my old housemates. Perfect!). I've been getting orders for the bunting first from my sister, then from a family friend, and now it's stretching to friends of friends and mother-in-laws of friends of friends! Considering I don't really feel like I've been putting my all into the marketing side, I'm pretty chuffed with the amount of customers. I'm going to give it my all when I have more time after finishing my job and I already have a baby's wall mural to be getting on with for my brother in law's sister which I'm really excited about doing.

I will update in more detail the REALLY exciting stuff I've been up to as I'm on a computer in work at the minute and so don't have any visuals to upload, but to put you on until then here are some photos of Emma, Emily and I on our jollies! Yippeee!

Tradtional Ottoman abandoned house

Sea Kayaking

Emily and I snorkelling

Dalyan Market

Rejuvenation at the Mud Baths

Trionyx Turtle

Freezing cold water at Yuvarlak Çay

Stopping for a swim on the 12 Islands Cruise

Getting sunburned on the 12 Island Cruise

Alfresco dining at Bengisu Treehouse Restaurant

Lycian tombs

Güle güle! x