16 February 2011

Dan and I have just been taking some lovely photographs of my nephew for his christening invitations and he is just so scrummy, I had to draw him.

09 February 2011

A man wearing glasses. Lets call him Pat.

07 February 2011

Boxes in the dark.

05 February 2011

Kyle. Upside-down and the right way up.

I drew this of my old housemate while he was asleep in the kitchen (of all places), then flipped my sketchbook round the other way to draw him again. His upside-down face is how I actually saw him, so the drawing that looks like it's the right way round, is actually upside-down... If that even makes sense?

02 February 2011

Some sketches to practise drawing what I see rather than what I think things should look like.