20 June 2013

New Showreel

This week I've had a little break from Bristol to come to stay at my parents house up north. I've spent most of my time hanging out with this little dude:

But I've also had some time to work on getting myself a career and have found a 3 month Certificate in Character Animation course at Aardman Studios through the NFTS which sounds like my idea of heaven and would be an amazing opportunity to improve my technical ability. I've been working on my application and today I finished my showreel which can be viewed here:

I would love to specialise purely in stop motion animation, but after exporting my showreel I realised I definitely haven't had enough practise, which is why I believe the course will do me the world of good. During university, the first year and a half was dedicated to character performance in hand drawn animation, which was great for learning movement, timing, squash and stretch, but my characters would always unintentionally morph and I would get bogged down trying to keep the shape, loosing the fun of the animation itself. In my second year, we had 5 weeks of stop motion practise with Rhodri Lovett and I found it so refreshing just focusing on movement and found the art of lip syncing especially captivating so from there have been working predominantly in stop motion.

Eeeep!! I hope I'm accepted onto the course so I can get animating again. I'm so excited I cannot even possibly begin to imagine how amazing this would be!

17 June 2013

Three quick doodles:

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